Spring has Sprung

It’s officially spring, sun is streaming in the windows and the cats aren’t the only thing soaking up the sunlight.  A few weeks ago I seeded some herbs, this week they have begun to poke out of their soil blanket.  Little seed leaves reaching out for the nurturing warmth of the sun.  Of the seedlings I have cilantro, basil, lavender, and oregano. The lavender I planted in biodegradable plant trays.  Once real leaves have become established the plants will be moved to a larger pot in the plant tray, the tray will breakdown and provide additional nutrients to the growing plant.  The other seeds were planted directly into a window box, they are heartier plants and needed more sunlight.

At the same time I sowed the seeds, I potted some established plants: tomato, strawberry, mint and thyme.  All have flourished in the afternoon light that streams in through our bay window.  The tomato plant especially has grown to twice the size, and just today flowers began to open their petals.

I am looking forward to the day round, juicy tomatoes hang, ready to be picked, from those stems.

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