Baking vs Cooking

I had a breakdown in R’s kitchen yesterday.  For Passover R decided to host a Sedar.  Since he had work all day I went out and got the groceries, including a leg of lamb.  I got home and went to make the rub he had suggested, and panicked since it was just ingredients and no measurements.  He told me measurements and I made up the cement-like mixture, that smelled smoky and made my mouth begin to water.

Then I eyed the meat, wrapped up in string and plastic.  At this point I remembered why I was a vegetarian for a few years, raw meat scares me.  I have no desire to touch it and have no clue how to dress it.  I love meat, but usually when I make meat for myself it’s chicken, fish or turkey; not red meat.  I unwrapped it and stared it down, but still had no idea what to do.  I wondered if I needed to trim off the fat, how deep to score the meat, truly I did not want to mess up this beautiful cut of lamb the butcher had so nicely wrapped up.  So after a few text messages and one truly pathetic phone call R decided he would handle the lamb when he got home.

It turned out delicious, sadly neither of us thought to take pictures so I guess he’ll have to make it again.  Darn.  Lamb can get dry and tough if overcooked, but this was perfect.  Still a little red in the middle, the rub brought out all the savory tones in the meat and it was still very tender.

While staring at the meat I was reminded that I’m a baker.  I am a Baker.  Just recently I realized that I hadn’t “cooked” anything in several months, R cooks for the two of us or my roommates share in exchange for baked goods.  Cooking is a chore for me.  I enjoy it once in a while, like I enjoy attacking the apartment with cleaning supplies when I get an itch to clean, but for the most part it’s a chore.  And cooking is something I have to do unless I want to live off frozen food and takeout.  Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the people in my life who cook for me.  But cooking isn’t my thing.

Whereas baking is something I don’t have to do but want to do.  No one “needs” brownies, muffins, or cake.  But we certainly do want it from time to time.  Baking is a comfort.  Baked goods bring smiles to people’s faces.  We all turn into our child self when offered a cookie, that excited grin and rush of giddiness as we anticipate that first bite.  Baked goods make friends.  Baking is a way of caring for people, a different way of caring than cooking.

So I’ll leave the cooking to R, at least as long as I can get away with it.

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  1. Grace Wilfong

     /  April 20, 2011

    Could you email me the rub recipe (include measurements please). Kevin loves lamb; I may make it for Easter. If Kevin can’t eat one of the ingredients, I’ll try to substitute.

    • hiddenoffstage

       /  April 20, 2011

      Lamb Rub:

      4Tbs Sea salt
      3Tbs Black pepper
      2Tbs Brown Sugar
      3Tbs Garlic
      1Tbs Sage
      1Cup Water
      1Tbs Liquid Smoke (it comes in a bottle and adds a really nice hickory, smoked flavor)

      Mix all the ingredients together, score the lamb lightly, rub all over, let marinade in the rub for an hour.

  1. The hands that feed me… | Backstage Baking

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