A Perfect Day

The day before R left for his summer job was a perfect day.  An entertaining, geek filled afternoon watching films at the Naro.  A delicious dinner handmade by my love.  And a proposal that caught me off guard, took my breathe away and makes me feel like the happiest, luckiest girl in the world.

The day started out as a normal day with drinking coffee on R’s bright red couch.  We arrived early at the Naro, before tickets were on sale, so we walked over to the local coffee shop for a smoothie.  R had dressed up for the movies, which in our neighborhood isn’t that out of place.

Before the films started the local Brown Coats had put together some skits.  R and I found them a little painful; the downfall of working in theatre is it becomes hard to watch live performances without noticing all the faults.  Once the first film started, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog” it became more enjoyable for both of us.  Most of the theatre actually sang a long with the movie.  It was awesome!

There was a short intermission, followed by “Serenity”.  This was my first time seeing it on the big screen, R had seen it in theatres when it was first released.  I cried, not surprisingly at the end.  Noticed a bunch of details that I had missed watching on a smaller screen.  And had a blast.

As everyone was leaving someone decided to have everyone who dressed up gather for a photo outside the theater.

We debated coming back for the Princess Bride that evening, but decided 4 hours in the theater was enough for one day.

Back to R’s place for dinner.  I took my usual spot while he cooks, seated in the kitchen chair chatting away and occasionally pitching in to cut or stir something.  R made my favorite chinese food: spring rolls, sesame chicken, and fortune cookies.

The fortune cookies were made first, and for a second I wondered if he would propose, but I dismissed the idea since he was going to be leaving for a couple months the next day.  R gave me a slip of paper, told me he was going into the other room to write my fortune and that I should write him one.

I slipped the piece of paper into the cookie and R put both of them back in the oven to crisp them.  While I was checking laundry he put them in the freezer cause he realized if the ring got to hot it would be a problem.

Dinner was lovely, all the right flavors and textures.  R got the cookies out of the oven and gave me mine and he opened his.  The fortune I wrote him read “You may travel far and wide, but you will always have a home in my heart.”

I opened mine and pulled out the first slip of paper, “I love you” it read.  As I pulled out the next one I saw glimmer of something metallic in the cookie.  “Will you be my Wife” read the second fortune.  I started to cry tears of joy and found that I couldn’t find my voice.  I tried to say yes a few times but it never came out audibly, instead I kissed R with all the joy and excitement I was feeling.  After hugging and kissing R, he asked me if that was a “yes” and I found my voice and said “of course it’s a yes”.  R slipped the beautiful ring he had designed for me onto my finger as I looked at the man who now is my fiancee.

The fortune cookies were left uneaten until later in the evening.  We were busy calling our parents and enjoying the first moments of being engaged.

The next morning I took R to the airport. And while it was difficult to see him go, it was so much easier knowing that we were engaged and when he got back I wouldn’t just be picking up my boyfriend but my fiancee and best friend.

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  1. Oh….what a beautiful proposal! I love the dinner and movie! I would have stayed for Princess Bride – it’s one of my favorites! Maybe not – since there was an ENGAGEMENT RING waiting! Congratulations!


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