Chocolate Peanut Butter “Not” Fudge

For this month’s Daring Baker’s Challenge I attempted to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.  It was not one of my best attempts.

The taste is what I wanted but the texture is not, thus why I am not really classifying this as fudge.  Granted I tried to substitute several ingredients since I did not have them in my kitchen.  Soy milk is not a suitable substitute for condensed milk, which I think is part of the texture problem.  Rather than smooth melt in your mouth texture you expect from fudge, this crumbs and dissolves on the tongue but without the satisfying velvety texture.

Also I did not let it cool enough before I stirred it.  That became immediately clear as it instantly began to form crystals and became crumbly and difficult to stir.

I do plan on attempting chocolate dipped marshmallows in the next few days.  With this hurricane I figured making actual food and making sure the apartment was weather proofed was a slightly higher priority.

R and I are moved in, still have some settling to do though.  I’ve got several backlogged posts that I’ll get up in the next few days (pending the storm).  If you’re in the path of Irene stay safe and dry!

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  1. Hope the storm hasn’t left you too battered. Substituting with soy milk can be tricky – I’ve had many similar fails in the past! Hopefully it still tasted good tho!

  2. Hope you are staying safe!

    Sorry your “fudge” didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted…but it sure does sound tasty!

  3. I’m sorry your fudge didn’t turn out, but I’m glad to see you back posting again! Stay safe and I’m glad you’re all moved in!


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