Pumpkin Puree

So I had this great idea to make pumpkin scones.  R and I walked to the store to get a can of pumpkin puree, and the store was out.  Seriously HT, why do you have shelves of butternut squash puree but no pumpkin puree.  Ok, maybe not shelves, but it did seem like a lot of squash.

Instead we got a baking pumpkin.  I still am making scones and need pureed pumpkin, R and I are now making our own.  So now I will help explain how to make pumpkin puree from an actual pumpkin.

Step one: Get a small pumpkin, such as a sugar or baking pumpkin.

Step two:  Get a handsome man to cut said pumpkin in half.

Step three:  Scoop out the seeds and stringy bits.  (save seeds, bake them, and munch on them. yum!)

Step four:  Get your handsome man again, have him cut the halves into smaller pieces.

Step five:  Bake pumpkin pieces at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Step six:  Remove from oven and let cool until pieces can be handled, gently peel off the skin.

Step seven:  Pulse in a blender until pumpkin puree has a smooth consistency, add water if puree is too dry.

Tada: homemade pumpkin puree!

While it’s not a ton of effort, R and I decided that buying the canned pumpkin puree is worth it.  Ours turned out a little watered down.  Also the ease of just opening a can of pumpkin is much nicer and allows for last minute baking.  But canned pumpkin doesn’t result in baked pumpkin seeds.  But if you ever are in dire need of pumpkin puree and your grocery store has the audacity to be out of those wonderful little cans, you too can make your own with just a pumpkin and some time.

Up next: Pumpkin Scones.

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