Peanut Butter Birthday Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

I bet there’s a traffic court in hell.  I don’t know of anyone who likes traffic court.

The day after my job interview I had to go to traffic court.  It was not fun.

A few weeks before I was driving R’s car.  My car needed repairs and I was trying to wait until I had a job before dropping a few hundred dollars on car parts.  In the 4 blocks I was driving, I got pulled over.  Turns out, R’s plates were expired by a little over a week.

So the morning of my court date I drove downtown.  I headed into the courthouse with the ticket and proof that he had renewed his plates the day after the ticket.  In front of the metal detectors they had a sign listing that phones were not allowed in the court room, and directing to lockers where personal belongings could be stored.  So I put my phone in the locker.  I went through the metal detector while my purse went through x-ray.  The security officer then told me that cameras were not allowed.  So I had to go back to the locker, only to discover I had used my last 50 cents on the previous locker.  Luckily there was a change machine (but it was in a different part of the building).  Finally, I got through the metal detector and into the courtroom.

The courtroom was packed.  Everyone, including the judge, seemed annoyed to be there.  I swear everything from the seats to the lighting was designed to create an anxious atmosphere.  Then I had to listen through almost every other person’s cases.  It really is unfortunate having a name at the end of the alphabet.

When I finally was called, the officer looked at the renewal and I was dismissed.  An hour and a half for less than a minute to have my case dismissed.  Sigh.  I am glad I didn’t have to pay a fine.

The light at the end of the tunnel: this cookbook was waiting for me at the bookstore.  Thank you Joy!

The Joy the Baker Cookbook is awesome.  Seriously.  Joy has such a friendly tone and everything in the book sounds delicious.  The worst part is trying to decide what to make first.  But even that doesn’t seem so hard, Joy has such a conversational writing style that you really feel like your sitting at the kitchen table with her.  Not going to lie, I fantasize about moving to California and sitting around chatting with Joy over a plate of cake.

Speaking of cake, I made the Peanut Butter Birthday Cake from her book for R’s birthday.  Topped with the Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, this cake rocked my socks.  R love peanut butter.  While baking we could smell the nutty scent of peanut butter.  This cake has a naturally sweet flavor.  The peanut butter is the main flavor, accented by the tangy chocolate frosting.

R loved the cake.  I think we both had two slices that night.  I definitely had one for breakfast the next morning.  No judging.

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