No I am not baking backstage, although if I could I would.  I am a theatre technician who bakes in her free time.   This is an archive of my successes and failures.

I prefer baking with a gas stove, sadly I must make due with electric for the time being.  Despise air insulated cookie sheets; they always result in thin, sad cookies.  And often cover myself and my kitchen in a combination of flour, sugar, and other various ingredients, don’t worry I clean it all up.

I live in Virginia, near the ocean, with my cat and fiancee.  I’m originally from Michigan.  I’ve lived/work in Indiana, Florida, and New York.  It’s hard to stay in once place for too long when you work in theatre, but you do get to meet some of the most interesting people.

I shoot using a Canon Power Shot Digital Elph 12.1 Mega Pixels, most of my photos are shot with the macro feature.  I use natural light when I can and artificial light when I need to.

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  1. Grace Wilfong

     /  January 8, 2012

    Dawn, if you use butter in your cookies DO NOT used the air insulated cookie sheets. I’ve tried it and my chocolate chips cookies just spread out into puddles. Pick up some nice non-stick metal ones for cookies with butter.


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