Cider Glazed Turkey

Preparing a turkey is not nearly as difficult as you would think.  Seriously people, don’t be afraid of the turkey.

This was my first time making the turkey for thanksgiving.  I’ve prepared turkey breasts, and thighs before.  Never before had I roasted an entire turkey.  This one was just shy of 20 pounds.  And the oven I roasted it in was not the best in the world.  However, that didn’t matter.

When it was pulled from the oven and sat waiting for carving, people who poked their heads in the kitchen oohed and ahhed.  R even commented that he was pleasantly surprised by how tasty this turkey was.



Apple Pie: as American as Revolution

Or as R decided the post should be called: “Apple Pie, Occupy”.

To help get the word out about the Occupy Wall Street Movement myself and several other food bloggers are posting and apple pie recipe today and discussing OWS.

If you haven’t heard about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, also know as OWS, then you should read a bit about it.  If you still aren’t feeling moved to action then watch some of the footage of Occupy Oakland from Tuesday nightThese videos left me speechless and infuriated.  The injured marine, who was there to protest peacefully, was hospitalized with a fractured skull and brain swelling.

What started as a few dozen people in New York has become thousands and has spread to just about every major city in the U.S. and to several major cities across the globe.  Why?  Because we the people are fed up with economic, political, and social injustices that serve corporations and the rich and leave average citizens scrambling to try and keep their head above the water.

Every day I have been reading about the work being done by occupiers and the resistance they are meeting from the authorities and the media.  A friend of mine traveled to join the movement in New York and is now back in Detroit continuing to stand up for our rights.  I worried about him and the other protesters as I saw news that protesters on a peaceful march were being arrested.  The movement has spread to my city, I witness a march while on the way to the airport to pick up someone for work.  All the while the mainstream media was looking at the amazing movement as if it were just a bunch of jobless, hippies.

Here’s some clarification, most of you reading this are the 99%.  Even if you have a job, have minimal to no debt, and have health insurance, you still are probably part of the 99%.  I am part of it.  The 1% are the people who are not effected by the recession, who have enough money they don’t have to worry.  Some of the 1% recognize the economic injustices of the wealthy being taxed less than average citizens.  And that is that 1% of the population hold 40% of household wealth and the bottom 50% hold 1% of the wealth.

My point of view is that everyone should be taxed the same percent of their income, no loopholes for the rich.

I keep coming back to an presentation that was made in a sociology class in college.  The professor brought in a cake and told us we each would get some.  Great!  Who doesn’t like cake?  But the catch was that it would be divided the way the wealth is divided in our country.  So she cut the cake in half, and that piece went to one student.  The remaining piece was cut in half and given to another student.  After all the pieces were cut down and handed out the remain 5 students who didn’t get a piece were told they got the crumbs left in the pan.  And she told us this was not quite accurate because we were only a class of 20 and not 100.  We as students saw how unfair this distribution was and redistributed the cake, the student with half the cake who admitted he couldn’t eat that much cut his down and shared it with the 5 who got crumbs.  A few student who received larger than normal slices also shared theirs.

There are a lot more things that OWS is fighting for beyond fair taxes.  Banking standards is another big issue that I agree with.  And personally I am considering closing my bank account once the $5 service fee for using a debit card goes into effect.

For my pie recipe I decided to make pie cookies that I saw on smitten kitchen.  Partially because two friends had sent me a link to the recipe, but also because there was something great about individual servings of pie.  No disputing over who got the larger piece, fitting with the occupy movement.  Each cookie is the same size, with the same amount of delicious apple filling.  Granted it was hard to eat just one, but I brought them to a party and they were gone in a flash.

We need revolution, we need change.  Occupy the Blogs, Occupy Everywhere.