Breakfast Cookies

Our kitchen window looks out on the street.  Some mornings I like to just sit by the window with a cup of coffee and breakfast, enjoying breakfast and the view of the street.

Early morning is always peaceful, yet active.  Runners zip along the sidewalk.  People sleepily stroll while walking their dogs.  Birds chirp and hop along the branches of the trees lining the street.  And I sti watching it all.

These cookies are just right to enjoy while watching the morning unfold.  Full of flavor, light and filling they are easy to enjoy while sitting at home or grab on the way out the door.


Cider Glazed Turkey

Preparing a turkey is not nearly as difficult as you would think.  Seriously people, don’t be afraid of the turkey.

This was my first time making the turkey for thanksgiving.  I’ve prepared turkey breasts, and thighs before.  Never before had I roasted an entire turkey.  This one was just shy of 20 pounds.  And the oven I roasted it in was not the best in the world.  However, that didn’t matter.

When it was pulled from the oven and sat waiting for carving, people who poked their heads in the kitchen oohed and ahhed.  R even commented that he was pleasantly surprised by how tasty this turkey was.