Garlic Chicken Crepes

I’ve been holding out on you, my beloved readers.  I made this recipe over a week ago and have been keeping it all to myself.

These crepes are so simple, and the batter will keep for a few days in the fridge.  Which is how I ended up having this as breakfast/lunch three days in a row.  I sliced up some garlic chicken sausage, but variations would be easy to do by changing sausage and the seasoning in the sauce.

First start with the crepe recipe:

Basic Crepes

2 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon oil
dash of salt

Beat eggs.  In a large bowl combine all ingredients, beat until thoroughly combined.
Heat a lightly greased small pan.  Remove from heat.  Spoon 1/8-1/4 cup of batter  into the pan, as batter hits pan gently tilt the pan to distribute batter evenly.  Return to heat and brown on one side.
Flip onto paper towels and repeat until you have the desired number of crepes. (Remaining batter can be kept for a few days if refrigerated.)

Cook sausage according to packaging.  Slice and place inside crepes while warm.  Fold crepes around sausage.

Garlic Butter Sauce
(good for 3-4 crepes)

2 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon sage

Melt butter.  Add garlic powder and sage, mix.  Pour over folded crepes with cooked sausage inside.  Enjoy!


California Seafood Burger

It has been getting pretty humid and hot in Virginia lately. This type of weather makes me want to make food that puts traditional summer meals on their heads and has crisp, cool flavors. I’m happy to share my Cali-Krab burgers I made for D with everyone here with my first guest blog. So ‘Hi’ everyone, R here. Hope you all enjoy!

These burgers take common west-coast ingredients and mixes things up for a great lunch that is filling without being heavy, and is different enough to be a hit at your next cookout.

I start with ground chicken (or turkey) and mix in some cracked black pepper, minced garlic, and hickory smoked sea salt, made into 6-8 oz patties. Sear the patties in a skillet (or grill over wood coals) with a medium heat. While they cook, you can prep the other ingredients.

Slice the tomatoes and avocado into 1/4 inch rings. Take a few seconds to pat the tomato down with a paper towel, it will pull the excess juice out and keep the bun from getting soggy. I used pre-made crab salad with shrimp. To make your own simply shred the crab meat, add mayo, shrimp, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and diced celery. Swiss or Loraine cheese works best for these burgers.

Toast butter kaiser roles to use as buns. Build the burger up with the tomato, then cheese, patty, avocado, and pile the crab salad on top. This is no small burger, so encourage your guests to grab some napkins.

The flavors complement each other well, but remain distinct. The Swiss pairs with the woodsmoke in the meat, the rich avocado complements the light and crisp crab salad. There isn’t much need for a side, due to the crab salad on the burger and they match really well with a light, summery beer or a quick sparkling lemonade. This fresh, playful take on a summer classic will have your guests RSVP-ing quickly for your next cookout.

2 Lbs ground chicken or turkey
1 large beefeater tomato
1 Lbs crab salad
1 large avocado
Thinly sliced Swiss cheese
Sea salt, black pepper, hickory smoked salt*, minced garlic

*Hickory smoked salt can be hard to come by. An easy alternative is to purchase ‘Liquid smoke’ and sprinkle it over coarse sea salt, allow it to dry fully before use.

The hands that feed me…

These are the hands that feed me.  These hands belong to a truly amazing guy.  Seriously.  He makes me delicious food, puts up with my quirks and faults, introduces me to awesome TV series, rescues me from lamb, makes little adventures of everyday things,  and makes me feel loved.  In a little over a month I’ll have to fend for myself in the kitchen while he’s off at a summer gig.  I am not looking to being away from him for those months. I foresee lots of phone calls, video chats, and a few care packages.

In the meantime I can enjoy his chicken pot pie.  The crust was store bought, but I’m planning on attempting pie crust in the near future.

Savory, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth chicken mixed with veggies all in a flaky crust.