Breakfast Cookies

Our kitchen window looks out on the street.  Some mornings I like to just sit by the window with a cup of coffee and breakfast, enjoying breakfast and the view of the street.

Early morning is always peaceful, yet active.  Runners zip along the sidewalk.  People sleepily stroll while walking their dogs.  Birds chirp and hop along the branches of the trees lining the street.  And I sti watching it all.

These cookies are just right to enjoy while watching the morning unfold.  Full of flavor, light and filling they are easy to enjoy while sitting at home or grab on the way out the door.



Blackberry Scones

Every morning I drive through a tunnel to get to work.  Where I live, you pretty much have to drive across a tunnel or bridge at some point.

Luckily, my route is in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic.  I really am thankful because I hate getting stuck in the tunnels.

Every morning I smile, because I’m not stuck in 7 mile back up leading to the tunnel.  Usually at that point I have “Schadenfreude” from Avenue Q running through my head.  A little cruel, I know.  But I’m thankful it’s not me because occasionally I do get stuck behind an accident in the tunnel and then all I can do is wait. (more…)

Spicy Spice Cake with Orange Frosting

R made a cake while I was stuck in tech.  R made a delicious, spicy cake.  It was wonderful the next morning as breakfast… don’t worry I also had coffee for breakfast.

This spice cake is spicy.  I tried some without the frosting, the cloves and nutmeg gave a wonderful spicy heat.  The frosting is sweet, but not overly, a strong orange zest accents the spice of the cake.  You don’t need much of this cake as it is packed with flavor.  Bake this cake for someone special just because.

If you were to top this cake with a chocolate frosting be prepare for a very rich dessert.  Chocolate would go well with the spiciness of the cake, perhaps vanilla would work too.  The orange frosting would go great on a white cake as well to add some zest.


Peanut Butter Ginger Muffins

Ever since I saw this recipe I’ve been longing to try them.  Almost a month ago I had stumbled across some crystallized ginger in the Asian aisle in the grocery store and had to get a box.  R tried some straight from the box and decided it was not for light snacking, as the ginger was more concentrated than when it’s fresh, but agreed that it would add a zing when baked with.

While they were baking the peanut butter and ginger filled the kitchen with a rich, spicy, toasting scent.  The taste even better.  The peanut butter provides a hearty taste will the ginger added spice.  A good breakfast if you have an upset stomach but still want to start the day off right.  I wouldn’t make anything larger than a regular muffin size, since the ginger is quite strong.  They are a nice muffin to wake up to when you want flavor without much sweetness.