Peppermint Marsmallows

So I had great plans for last week.  Recipes to make, recipes to post, holidays to celebrate.  But life got in the way and a week ago I was in the ER.  It was a freak accident, just the right combination of factors and I didn’t get out of the way fast enough.  Nothing too big, but I did end up breaking two toes.  Which is an annoyingly painful injury for such a small part of the body.  So last week is a bit of a blur of pain meds, couch time, and netflix.

The ER was not that bad, once I was seen the staff was really great and kept cracking jokes at the formal wear R and I were in.  We were suppose to go the company holiday party, but my foot got in the way.  R luckily was able to help take care of me and we both had a nice quiet holiday in.  Yesterday was my first day back to work, and the change of scenery was very welcome.

Before my injury I did make up a batch of fluffy, peppermint marshmallows.  Perfect for the holidays and gift-giving.  Just plain they pack a wallop of peppermint in tiny clouds of sugar.  These make a great addition to hot cocoa if you want a more festive holiday drink and fresh breath.  It’s too late for most of the holidays, but if you’re looking for something to bring to a New Year’s Eve Party you can whip up a batch of these and ring in the new year with a refreshing treat.

How did you spend your holiday?



Raspberry Dark Marshmallows

Last minute substitutions occasionally result in happy accidents.  The making of these marshmallows did not go well, but somehow they still turned out delicious.

The temperature jumped faster than I expected, the sugar mixture got up to a hard ball rather than a soft ball.  I didn’t have enough sugar, so I threw in some brown sugar.  The fluff became super sticky and attempted to eat my new stand mixer.  No really, it wounded around the mixer attachments and up onto the motor casing.  I was cursing the sticky mixture.  Not some of my best moments in the kitchen.

Yet somehow they turned out better than I expected.  Not quite as fluffy as my first batch of marshmallows, these are closer to a nougat.  Chewy, melt in your mouth, little squares of delicate raspberry taste.  The brown sugar adds a dark, depth to the flavor profile.

These would be great dipped in a bit of chocolate, or in a nice cup of hot chocolate.



S’mores with the homemade marshmallows = best idea ever!

Ok, maybe not the best idea ever, but it still was a great idea.

Go make your own marshmallows, what ever flavor you like best.  Toast them over a fire, or in my case my gas range top.  Stick one between two pieces of graham cracker with a bit of chocolate stuck in there.  Enjoy your sticky, gooey, delicious treat!

Homemade Marshmallows

These morsels are delicious.  But be warned the process may turn your kitchen into a gooey, powdery mess.

I’ve never been a huge fan of marshmallows.  S’mores yes.  Plain marshmallows no.  Summer when I was a kid was full of campfires at the cottage.  I’d sit around the campfire with marshmallows on sticks trying to get the perfect golden brown without burning them.  My cousin on the other hand enjoyed catching his on fire and blowing it out only after the outside was nicely charred.  But I have never been fond of plain marshmallows or marshmallow fluff.

These have me reconsidering my view on marshmallows only being good in s’more form.  Homemade marshmallows are amazing.  I realized this halfway through licking the bowl of fluff clean.

The final result is delicious.  They turned out very fluffy and very sweet.  The honey and vanilla give it a hint of flavor, but I wouldn’t instantly identify either the vanilla or honey in them.

I bet s’mores with these would taste awesome.  Well, I’m off to procure some graham crackers and chocolate.  Enjoy!