Savory Mac & Cheese

I’m not usually a mac and cheese person, and when I am it’s usually blue box.  But I wandered across the idea of adding red peppers to baked mac and cheese and had to try it.

Milk, cheese, pasta, red peppers and artichoke hearts all mixed up in a baking pan and thrown in the oven until bubbly.  The smell of cheese, artichokes, and peppers greeted me when I opened the oven.  Slicing into it the top part was crunchy, help from bread crumbs, but the underneath was still creamy and luscious. The feta cheese sprinkled on top adds a kick of flavor, while the Italian cheeses make a smooth base that plays up the punches of artichoke and pepper.

Fresh out of the oven was the best, but reheated it still retains it’s flavor.