Raspberry Dark Marshmallows

Last minute substitutions occasionally result in happy accidents.  The making of these marshmallows did not go well, but somehow they still turned out delicious.

The temperature jumped faster than I expected, the sugar mixture got up to a hard ball rather than a soft ball.  I didn’t have enough sugar, so I threw in some brown sugar.  The fluff became super sticky and attempted to eat my new stand mixer.  No really, it wounded around the mixer attachments and up onto the motor casing.  I was cursing the sticky mixture.  Not some of my best moments in the kitchen.

Yet somehow they turned out better than I expected.  Not quite as fluffy as my first batch of marshmallows, these are closer to a nougat.  Chewy, melt in your mouth, little squares of delicate raspberry taste.  The brown sugar adds a dark, depth to the flavor profile.

These would be great dipped in a bit of chocolate, or in a nice cup of hot chocolate.



Vanilla Cupcakes with Whipped Raspberry Butter Cream Frosting

I spent a good part of the baking.  And I was perfectly fine with it.  In addition to these beauties I made pizza dough and finished up the cupcakes I posted yesterday.

These cupcakes are dense, hearty vanilla treats.  Topped with a light whipped buttercream they are wonderful for a sweet tooth.  I love this recipe, the raspberry gives enough flavor without overwhelming the vanilla cake.  However, this is the first thing I’ve baked that R has not liked.  All the more for me then.

Both cupcakes I made for our housewarming were a hit.  While we had less people than we expected, it was a good night and gave us the motivation to get the apartment finished up.


Raspberry Jam

I have never been very good at spelling, dyslexia will do that to a person, but I have always tried to not use dyslexia as a crutch.  The fact that Google search is so understanding of misspelled words is wonderful, much better than Word and auto-spell.  It’s like having a fourth grade teacher that underlines all your spelling errors in red and then suggests what you really meant.  Although every now and then I’m so off I feel like it’s looking at me with confusion.  Mainly because I’ve substituted an “l” for a “t” (easy mistake since their shape is so similar).

Point is I almost posted about “rasberry jam” until a Google search corrected me and said “hey there’s a p in there”.

This jam is tart and perfect for summer, or anytime you want a little bit of summer in a jar.  My photos don’t quite capture the brilliant red of this jam, it tastes as bright as it’s color.  Spread on toast it’s a great breakfast or afternoon snack.  It also would be great as a filling in desert or added to taffy.