Beignets & Cinnamon Rolls

Yesterday for Fat Tuesday K made beignets.  They turned out fluffy, crisp on the outside and still soft on the inside.  Covered in powdered sugar they were a sweet treat.  After making two batches of them there still was a lot of dough left, so back into the fridge it went with plans for this morning.

This morning the dough was rolled out again.  Instead of cutting it into squares and dropping it into hot oil it was coated in cinnamon, brown sugar, flour and butter; then rolled into a tube.  The tube was cut into 12 pieces and placed on a baking sheet.  Instead of brushing the pieces with half and half I used white mocha creamer that was in the fridge.  The creamer also was added to powdered sugar and vanilla to make a glaze.

Once out of the oven these giant rolls filled the apartment with a warm cinnamon scent.  And the taste was even better, sweet but still savory, the dough was crisp on the outside and softer the closer in to the center.  The filling rich, and the glaze a little indulgent.  Overall a huge success, the dough recipe is versatile for two treats if not more.