Kale Chips

For the last year I’ve read and wondered about Kale.  I’m not a big salad person, sure I enjoy salads and occassionally crave something green but for the most part Kale didn’t sound that appealing.  Well, I’ve tried it finally and I’m jumping on the Kale train cause these chips were amazing!

Raw Kale tastes like grass to me.  These chips taste nothing like grass.  Instead they took on the flavor of the topping.  Light, crunchy bite size chips with tons of flavor and no guilt.

The salt kale chips almost taste like popcorn.  I think I’ve found a new movie snack.  And the sesame seed chips were even better; flavorful, crisp and so good.  I can’t wait to try more toppings like Parmesan, curry, or red pepper.



Sesame Seed Sugar Cookies

I found this recipe in a magazine that was used in a show.  An actor cut out letters from the magazine to glue together into a ransom note, each evening I would pull out the cut up pages.  Tried my hand at the recipe today and it was a success.

While sugar cookies are often not my favorite kind of cookie these had a simplicity that is very satisfying.  The sesame seeds adds an dynamic taste and crunch to a regular sugar cookie.  I drizzled Ghirardelli Chocolate over them, with the help of R.  My first attempt at heating the chocolate I burnt it by accident.  Then R got a snack back, placed the chocolate in it and submerged it in the pot of hot water.  The snack bag made it much easier to drizzle the chocolate across and even allowed R to monogram the cookies so each of my roommates had a designated cookie.