Green Monster Smoothie

It’s a new year, time to start it off right.  Diets aren’t usually my thing.  But as the days get colder I always find myself craving fruits and veggies, so a change in diet is a yearly habit.  After all the indulgence over the holidays, lighter meals and snacks are a welcome sight.

This smoothie is perfect for a light breakfast on your way out the door or an afternoon snack.  Light, refreshing, and so green! The color is what inspired the name.  I can just picture a fuzzy monster, like the kind in a Pixar film, drinking this on their way to work.

Just four simple ingredients make this easy to whip up and won’t weight you down.  The kale adds nutrition and allows the pear to take the lead a the main flavor.



Freezer Burritos – Featuring Fetus Joe Hot Sauce

A friend of mine makes his own hot sauce.  It’s lovely, in that burn your face off kind of way.  He’s made several varieties including: Red Pepper, Strawberry Habanero, Ginger Sesame, Carmalized Onion & Garlic, Apple Bacon, and the Holy F*ck Sauce.  R accidentally sampled a full spoonful of the HF Sauce and had heartburn for two days, but said it was worth it.  Each one has a great heat to it and it’s own unique flavor.

I wanted to make some meals that I could bring to work or heat up when I don’t have time to make a full meal.  I make Freezer Burritos, based on Shutterbean’s Freezer Burritos.  I mixed in the hot sauce with the greek yogurt and boy does it give them a kick.

These are easy to make and eat, just pop them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.  The hardest part was rolling the burritos, I ate the first few that didn’t roll as well and had ingredients popping out the sides.

These are spicy and gooey and delicious.  It was hard to roll up the majority and put them in the fridge, rather than sitting down and consuming them all.


Baked Sweet Potato Fries & Yogurt Sauce

I am in love with sweet potato fries right now.  Sweet potatoes are much better nutritionally than normal potatoes.  They are low in sodium, low in saturated fats and cholesterol in addition to being a good source of various vitamins and minerals.  Plus they are delicious!

This is a super easy recipe to put together as a side or afternoon snack.

Sweet Potato Fries

1 large sweet potato
Olive Oil non-stick cooking spray

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Rinse and reel the sweet potato (alternatively leave the skin on).  Cut the potato into desired shape and size of fries.  (I find 1/4 inch width results in fries that are crunchy and still tender on the inside).  Spread fries out on a baking pan and spray with cooking spray, coat all sides.  Sprinkle on salt to taste.
Bake in preheated oven until desired crispness, 30 minutes is how long I like mine, turn at least once to prevent burning.

Enjoy plain, or as I like them, with this Yogurt Sauce.